Thursday, March 15, 2012

Want Some Free Games? Part II

Someone asked me if this was a contest or something.

No. It's not a contest.

I give games that I get for free away, mostly, because it keeps me honest, and I get to "pay it forward". You read this stuff, I write it, so if I like it and I think you'll like it, I put my money where my mouth is. And if I hated it, well, I don't want to store it, and I'm a bit of a sadist, so if you want it, well, it's all yours.

It's that simple.

Many times, people will just email me and ask if they can have something. And I send it.

But, I've been holding off sending stuff because I've been sick, so I had to come up with a quick way, that would entertain me and all of you, to figure out who wants what.

So, this isn't a contest. You don't actually have to do the shit I mentioned HERE: How To Get Free Shit From Me. That was for fun. I don't advertise (like have people pay me to put ads up on the page to annoy the fuck out of you) and I don't have Google Ads (which are even worse). So, there's no real reason for me to have subscribers, except so I can brag about it to my kids, who already think I'm the coolest motherfucker like EVAR, so I have to keep up appearances.

The reason that the email aspect is important, and really the ONLY thing that's required is because I get a LOT of email. So, I set a filter to dump people who put "Pete, send me some free shit" into the folder that stores people I need to contact.

If you get your name in the hat, I'm going to send out a list of games, which you'll rate on how much you want them.  I don't actually care if you subscribe, which is why I asked you to lie about why you couldn't. That was solely for my amusement, and I'll probably share the best lies. Although only one lie has appeared thus far.

First Come, First Served. I'll send out the emails, and the people who respond to me first will get their preference. So keep your eyes open. I'll be sending the email on the day of the 2nd year anniversary of my blog.

People that respond after everything is gone...well...

A partial list of what I'm giving away:
Lords of Waterdeep
Drizz't's Big Adventure in D&D Adventurelandyplace
Drakon 3rd Edition
Hotel Samoa (Sorry, Tom, I'm sick of looking at this motherfucker on my shelf. I'll buy you a new one when you rotate back to the States)
Say Anything
And some other good stuff. Stuff that's Awesome.

The Management*

*and by Management, I mean the God Emperor For Life of the Superfly Circus.

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