Thursday, June 7, 2012

Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics Player Aid And Starmap

Well, I've been playing a bit of the Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics game that came out a while back, and so far, it's exactly like Heroclix. And by exactly, I mean that big space ships like the Enterprise and Defiant have abilities like Mind Control, Super Strength, and the like.  The downside is it totally skullfucks the theme from that perspective. The upside is that you can literally have the Avengers (who apparently took some HGH in massive doses) battle it out with giant spaceships, and the mechanics work perfectly.

Just last night, on a lark, Hal Jordan kicked the shit out of a D7 Klingon Battlecruiser. And I didn't even charge up his lantern.

Anyhow, because it is so incredibly lame that they would be so lazy that they didn't even bother to change the power names and print up a few thousand Trek-Only cards, well, I had to make a player guide. Sure, I left the power names on because there are some references to them on the ship cards, but at least I changed the names around.  I also redid my 24x36 map for Epic Engagements (which is a bad ass miniatures game, IMO, since I created it) to work with this. I may even go so far as to create Epic Engagements ship cards. Unlikely, like VERY unlikely, but hell, who knows. I may end up in the hospital for a month, and then I'll have time.

So, here are the links to the folder that contains the player aid, which is awesome if I do say so myself, and that big ass map if you desire to spend 30$ at Kinko's and have one made like I did.

Link to PDF:

And my starmap:
Link To JPEG:

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