Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaack!

I've finally found out what's wrong with me, and yes, as expected, it's all in my head. Or at least mostly.  I am in the process of being sorted out, which means that reviews will be making their triumphant return posthaste.

Some gent at Fortress: Ameritrash ( contacted me and asked me to review Earth Reborn, Olympos, and Venture Forth, and he's actually sending them to me on his dime. Epic coolness, so much love out to Nate F.

This is ThreeeeeeeDog...signing off.  (or something of that nature).


Dale said...

"it's all in my head"...

Hell, Pete - I could have told you that and saved you all sorts of doctor's bills!

Anyways, welcome back.

Andrew said...

I look forward to your upcoming opinions. Especially since I just scored Earth Reborn on Tanga last week.

Any chance you're attending Origins this year? If so, I'm buying you a beer.

Pete said...

LOL, yes Dale, and thank you. Were it not for physicians like you, I'd be puking all over the place. My only question is whether my recent interest in reading The Opinionated Gamers has something to do with the symptoms :) ROFL

Andrew: Planning on it! I mean, it's 2 hours out for me...can't really NOT go!