Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry for the Hiatus...Working on Epic Engagements!

Sorry, Circusgoers, for the delays in writing a new article, but it's not because I'm's because I'm enthralled with a new game system that I've been developing for use with virtually any miniatures game bits, Epic Engagements.

Epic Engagements started with my interest in making Star Wars Miniatures: Starship Battles a fun, playable game versus the lame, boring dicefest that it is as delivered by Wizards of the Coast.  So, after creating an entire rulebook that completely fixes the game and makes it truly enjoyable to play, complete with rules for ramming, fighter launches and recoveries, new weapon abilites and whatnot, I realized that there's a ton of miniatures games out there that could take advantage of these rules, so I am in the process of redesigning this, complete with print-and-play spaceships (forgive the artwork, I'm great in business and as a writer I can hold my own, but as an aritst...not so much!), tokens, and statistics cards.  It's going to be....well....EPIC!

Just to show the love, please feel free to download my very lovely 24x36" Star Map (w/2-inch square spaces), it's a Superfly Original:

In other news, Wizkids/NECA has announced that it will be releasing a couple of Star Trek Miniatures games, one with Sulu and Kirk kicking the piss out of 4-armed green guys, Clix style, and the other is going to be a space-based combat game, Clix style.  The good news is that Epic Engagements can take these ships and use them in the game system if the Wizkids game sucks!  Woot!

Press Release Here:

Finally, to all the Dads out there, Happy belated Father's Day. It's great to have one day a year where the wife is obligated to get freaky with you and the kids actually listen to you. :)  Enjoy that tie, boys!

New article looking like it's going to be released on Wednesday, and this time it's going to cover a game we all know and love....SPACE HULK 3RD EDITION! That's right, boys and girls, the Game To Beat All Games will be reviewed right here, on the Circus.  If you didn't get it when it was re-released, well, "you done fucked up", as they say here in Kentucky.  It may be the best game ever, unless you think that "pretending to be a 15th century farmer" is a viable use of a Game Night, in which case, God love you, get your farm on and have a good time.

See you Wednesday!

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