Friday, July 8, 2011

Omen: A Reign of War back in stock!

John Clowdus asked me to get the word out about Omen: A Reign of War. He sold through his first printing and ordered a second one, which is now sitting in his warehouse (read: home office) awaiting homes.

Normally, you'd preorder his games and at the end of the month his orders would be filled, but this time, since Omen has become so popular, he put his you-know-what on the chopping block and invested in you, his customers, so you wouldn't have to wait.

So, get over there and order it already!

What, you've never heard of Omen?

Go to to order! While you're there, check out his other games, too. I recommend several, and the reviews can be found here at the Circus.

The Management

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