Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Circus Has Come To Town

Welcome to my little slice of the information superhighway! The Superfly Circus is a site dedicated to tabletop gaming, life, and fun. I inject humor into everything I do, even when inappropriate, and I am not exactly "politically correct" since I don't really subscribe to the media-driven fascism that propogates people not being allowed to say what they think.

To start out, I travel extensively with my career, and by that I mean my actual career, not my budding writing career. This provides me an exceptional opportunity to meet with diverse people, enjoy the richness of a multitude of different cultures, and to game with a huge variety of people. I play tabletop games at least 2 nights a week, and thus in order to either brag about these game or try to save you some time and pain by telling you what abominations they are, this site will give you the straight skinny on what I think about a given game.

I often reprint my articles around the web at sites such as, and I have a deal with Eye of the Vortex, where they reprint my articles and credit me as a staff writer.  Check out EoV, it's actually a very nice little e-zine with a small but thriving forum.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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